Your word is your bond

Why do people make promises, yet don’t fulfil? How does it affect the one holding to those words?  Most of us make promises and never keep to those words, and this makes a lot individuals get sensitive. Which I believe is normal and this is because promises are like babies, easy to make yet hard to deliver.

However, it is important to know that promises are powerful. When you make one you create a small room for trust within the jungle of unpredictability. Keeping to promises is a powerful means of grace especially in times when we hardly depend on each other.

How often do we make promises? As individuals, we make promises and don’t even realize that we do, and this happens a lot. Sometimes we even wonder when we made certain promises because we consciously can’t remember. This is because most activities are being played in our subconscious, leaving the conscious to think and imagine when certain things happened.  It is advisable to try to fulfil these words even when we still bubble around the subconscious actions, trying to figure out when we said certain things.

I know a lot of us might think this is unrealistic, however it is one major way to develop trust. This doesn’t mean we take advantage of people or this opportunity because then we would be looking for karma at our doorstep.

As individuals, do you think before you make a promise to someone? Have you ever considered what happens when you can’t fulfill that word? Does it matter? when we consciously make promises and don’t fulfill them we become liars, and this have high chances of damaging relationships and reputations.

Some people make promises to impress and some to score points that they care. Other make promises to make themselves feel worthy, obliged and able to do something for someone. These are usually people with easier said than done kind of tendencies who want to create an image or reliance for themselves even when they are not reliant. By doing these, don’t you think you hurt people? How would you feel if you were lied to all in the name of promise?

I know some individual think their heart are made of rock and these doesn’t mean anything to them, however I am here to let you know that one of the function of your conscience is to inform you of your action whether good or bad.  I know some of us have grown very thick skin to listen to our conscience, nevertheless it remains useless.  This is because your conscience is there to do its work, therefore, think skin and not, you are still reminded of your action. Face reality.

According to Jennifer Donnelly in her book A Northern Light, “I know it is a bad thing to break a promise, but I think now that it is a worse thing to let a promise break you.”  We need to learn more to operate with dignity and integrity.  Why not make your intention honorable and take pride in a good reputation? Remain honest to yourself and others, set yourself for the truth and sleep well knowing that your conscience is cleared.

We all need to face the truth about life and prevent little things like this from damaging our reputation. However, it is up to you, take it or leave it. Nonetheless, remember, there is a consequence for every negative action.

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