Women are becoming victims of violence in Nigeria

Hmmm! I don’t know where to start, but I guess I have to start somewhere. For those of you who know the ongoing issues in Nigeria probably have an idea of where today’s blog post is heading to.

For two weeks now, I have woken up almost every morning to hear one problem or another. However, women seem to be the victims of most of the reoccurring issues. Hence, I feel the need to talk about this. I know some people will have counter-arguments on blog post, and if you do, please share. I am looking forward to it.

First, let me clarify, this blog post is not in any way disputing other issues in the country, but then, there is a growing trend of assault and violence against women in Nigeria. From a famous musician’s wife, Busola Dakolo sharing her truth of being raped by a well-known senior pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). Then to Senator Elisha Abbo, assaulting a young lady at a sex shop. As if that isn’t all, Idris Ebiloma Raped a 4-year-old Khloe. Very scary! Isn’t it?

  Recently, I have read many stories of people sharing their experience as victims of sexual assault and rape in my country. I must say, an alarming number of women, mostly young girls have been sexually abused and assaulted by adults who are supposed to protect them. Thanks to social medial platforms like Instagram and Twitter with which a lot of victims have been able to share their experience(s).

Notwithstanding, what hurts most is hearing and reading about young girls being violated by Perverts, just like the case of Khloe.  It saddens my heart, to be honest. Is this the kind of society we choose to raise females or any child? I don’t know if these perverts think about the consequence of their actions on these victims.  This is because these victims go through a lot like mental unbalance and trauma. In some cases, these experiences tend to affect them emotionally, relationally, socially, physically and in many aspects of their lives.

In addition, according to the article Shame Of Nigeria – Statistics Of Violence Against Women on Naij.com, “25 percent of women in Nigeria have to go through the ordeal of domestic violence”. Is this even right? Similarly, the 2008 Demographic and Health Survey showed that over 30.5% of married women had experienced at least one or more forms of physical, emotional or sexual violence in their marriage. This is disheartening!

With all these, I will like to believe that there is a prevalence of violence against women.  Asides rape or sexual assault, a lot of women have been violated and abuse through early and forced marriages, female genital mutilation, widow torture and inheritance related violence. Talking about forced marriages, I have read tons and tons of stories of young girls who have been forced into marriages even before puberty. That disgusts me!  Now, with regards to widow torture and inheritance related violence which is another major point of concern. Some cultures in the middle eastern part of Nigeria regard women as part of the husband’s properties.  Hence, if her husband dies, she is inherited alongside his other assets by another male of the family. Even more disgusting!!  These are typical examples of violence against women and trust me; there are many women going through these with worse experiences.

More unfortunate of it all, the lawmakers and law enforcement agents expected to bring justice and fight for the right of these women happen to be the perpetrators of violence and assaults. Take the case of the Senator Elisha Abbo who assaulted a lady at a sex shop as a typical example. This isn’t right! This isn’t fair!

We need justice for women; we need a bill that protects everyone, specifically women, from sexual assault, violence, discrimination, and abuse of any form. We need to come together to fight for the right of women in Nigeria.

We can’t have a country where the wicked can walk free, and the victims suffer in pain. No way! These perverts and rapists should get apprehended by the law. We need a bill that fights against women being degraded to nothing but properties when they get married in specific parts of Nigeria where this is an issue. We need a law that protects females from genital mutilation in places that this is practiced.  We need a law that fights against early and forced marriages. We need to get rid of leaders who do nothing but build on the issues we are trying to eliminate. We need leaders who understand these issues and are willing to fight for our rights. We need CHANGE!! A Change in Nigeria.

8 thoughts on “Women are becoming victims of violence in Nigeria”

  1. There’s a saying.., and I Quote.. When the head is sick, the body as well is unwell.. Nigerian Leaders are unhealthy for us all so it’s affecting everyone else in terms of bad behaviour making it dog eat dog out here…
    As for rape, child abuse and sorts, perpetrators should be dealt with accordingly by the law and also go through rehabilitation.. {but the law itself is faulty so we take matters into our own hands hereby causing chaos in our society} Only God can bring us to where we need to be…

    1. We also need to start advocating and putting in the work for CHANGE in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Joel

  2. I know this is a sensitive topic, but I’d first like to say this: The saying “charity begins at home” cannot be overemphasized. Now, I’m not saying these abusers are taught abuse in their homes, although some do learn from there. What I’m saying is this; parents should start creating friendly environments where their children can air their minds or experiences without fear of being castigated especially when it concerns things like this. That’s where most of these victims’ trauma begin. They experience something, and the first instinct should be to share with their parents, but for some reason, that is the last thing they want to do, and then it eats them up.
    I think it’s very important for this generation of parents to try and correct that error, because I strongly believe that if more than half of the parents believed or at least made their children comfortable enough to talk about things like this, most of this problems would not be experienced at this rate. It is bad enough that these victims have to be shamed by the society, so family should be where they draw their strength and sanity from, not the last place they’d want to look for hope from.
    Just adding my two cents.

  3. Violence against women can end only when the culprits get punished. We need bills formed and laws enforced.

  4. Indeed a very important topic to talk about. I do believe that we as Nigerian and citizen of the world should not shy away from addressing this topic. Rape is a great crime probably one of the greatest crimes on earth, but it happens almost every few moment.

    . The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. But I think that what really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Going to the source directly.

    I strongly suggest that a bill should be pass to protect woman from rape, and also give justice to the victims of rape, but also pass a bill that will protect the wrongfully accused men. I have seen men being accused of rape and years later find out not to be true. As we protect our ladies from rape we should also protect our men from false accusations.

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