When the past affect the present

Most of the events of your life are shaped by experience and memories. In order words, our past experiences have tendencies of shaping and affecting the way we respond to situation and circumstance that life brings our way. For example, a traumatic past can shape a person’s overall view on the world, and in some cases the memories can negatively affect the person.

At times, our experiences and memories strongly affect the way we relate, interact and present ourselves to people and the society at large. These experiences don’t exactly have to be negative, it could also be positive.

Have you ever thought about why you are who you are right now, and how you will create who you will be in the future?

It is important for us to keep in mind that our behavior can be shaped by the people we have seen and met, and by our actions.

Also, most of the event of our childhood can in one way or the other dramatically impact our lives right now. Most at times, even the ones that seemed irrelevant and insignificant might have subconsciously changed the way we respond to certain things.

As a matter of fact, our experience from different interaction shape our response and our attitude.

Similarly, events from our past relationship, be it positive or negative have even more tendencies of affecting our present and future relationships. This is because as humans our emotions tend to live on in our brain and mind.

Based on experience and conversation withdifferent people I have come to realize that projecting our experience onto the present is like re-living a dream I had last night in the light of day.

Sometimes I think ultimately everything comes down to beliefs which is meant to be the strongest factor that govern our behavior. Could this be true?

Personally, I have learnt to keep my past experiences as a lesson for my present and future. However, when I see my past negatively trying to play a role in my future I try as much as possible to dismiss it. This is because I believe it has possibilities of causing emotional and psychological set back.

So, over the course of time I learnt a few tricks to help me keep control of my past and past experiences. As stated earlier I learned to honor and love the lessons I have learnt from my past experiences. This is important because it is hard to live in the present when your past plays too many roles.

In addition, I also learnt to mindfully close certain chapters in my life that can affect my strength in different areas of life. Also, I learnt to voice out my fears. It is believed that a problem shared is a problem solved or partly solved.

Now, my question is how much effect does your past have in your present? And, how do you handle repeatable event? Do you also have trick used to handle your past and past experiences?





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