When plans fail…

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We all got plans, goals, dream, ambitions, and visions we wish, hope and plan to achieve, but sometimes they may not go as we plan and expect them to. Everyone goes through tough times, and I mean times when you feel like things aren’t working out as you hope they will. The simple fact of it is; this is part of life.

I have had plans I was very intentional about, and I had high hopes that I might accomplish them. I never imagined circumstance could change everything, but yes it happened. I have applied for jobs, passed upon opportunities with regret, and made a few questionable choices in life, only to realize that I wouldn’t be where I am today had things gone differently at an inevitable crossroad. When plans fail, disappointments accompany it. I know a lot of us are familiar with this. Nonetheless, it is good you know you are not alone; a lot of people go through this in one way or the other.

I have come to realize that when my goals don’t go as I visioned them to be, or when they seem to look like an awful turn of events giving up is not an option. I can’t lose hope; I have to keep trying regardless.

When you fail, it is expected that you learn from your mistakes, when things don’t go as planned, with faith, you have to believe that God has a much better plan for you and he will make a way for you even when it seems as if all doors have been shoot against you. Trust me, when you think positively, things work even better, and when they don’t, you stand firm and push harder.¬† From my personal experiences, I have learned to stop beating myself when something doesn’t go as I expected it to. I try not to think I wasted my time planning and failed at the end. Instead, I find out what went wrong and use it to make a much better plan.

Fight against focusing on the unlucky moments of life but instead learn how to handle disappointments by getting back on your feet even stronger.

Also, It is important to have alternate plans, something to fall back on when or if Plan A fails. A friend of mine never fails to remind me that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Think about it.

Have faith in the works of your hand, have faith that tomorrow will better than today. Which means even if things don’t work out today, they will tomorrow and in a much better way. Keep working hard, persevere! Above all, keep God at the center of everything. Try to seek God’s guidance in all your endeavours. When you work with God in accomplishing your goals, His will and guidance¬†come with peace of mind. Remember, he has promised to guide and direct us. He will never let you down.

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “When plans fail…”

  1. Thanks so much for this words of encouragement and inspiration. May God increase you in knowledge and wisdom. But in a situation where someone is trying with lot of ideas even business to do when there is no job but no money to excite the business and no one to call for help. Though God is there but can money fall from heaven. Faith without job or money is nothing. Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading Hajia Biola. In response to your question, in paragraph three I advised that when things seem “to look like an awful turn of events, giving up is not an option”. We always have to play our parts as humans and that is to work hard work, persevere and then have faith that God will make a way. Our hard work is what pays off as success, hence regardless of how many times we fail, we shouldn’t give up. We have to keep trying, and I mean trying harder.

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