What motivates you lies ahead not behind

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Lesson from a graduation ceremony

Some summer ago, I had travelled for the graduation ceremony of a very good friend of mine (yeh! my brother from another mother). We had studied the same program at the university (I was only about a year or two ahead), and I was very very happy to see him leap to the next phase of his life.

As the graduates were being called out to the stage to be honoured by the vice-chancellor, there I was sitting happily among the attendees waiting to cheer up my friend and capture videos/pictures of him as he walked majestically across the stage. Then all of a sudden I felt this burst of emotions as I started reminiscing my own past graduation moment – my name getting announced with my tummy-squalling not from fear but excitement (I was probably contemplating what stunt to pull when I got on center stage), me walking across the stage and the booming sound of cheering coming from my ‘fans’ who were amongst the crowd of attendees (my friends and wellwishers, I mean :-). Literally, I relived the exact same feeling I’d felt at my past graduation and I was elated. 

I had attended friends’ graduation ceremonies that took place before mine, and I could clearly sense a different emotion while I was at this friend’s graduation which had occurred after mine. At the former (i.e. at the friends’ grads that preceded mine), I remembered always looking forward to my own upcoming graduation, envisioning myself completing my program with a great distinction (aka first class), and taking lots of pics with my friends and wellwishers (I’m not a fan of selfies btw). Since that vision was still ahead of me back then, it pulled and motivated me to work diligently and tirelessly to make sure the vision came alive (I am so glad it did). However, at the latter (my friend’s grad that ensued mine), since my graduation was now behind me, I didn’t have anything to look forward to as I knew I wasn’t going to be walking the stage again for such occasion.  (I am sure my friend was super duper excited though and for sure I was happy for him.) 

It was then that I got this strong personal epiphany, that truly, truly it’s only those things that are ahead of us that can motivate and pull us; the past probably will not do that. This was when I was fully convicted that it is our envisioned future/rewards, not even past successes that stir up our juice of excitement. And that excitement stems from looking forward to what’s to come in the future – that’s what pulls us.

Ever since that revelation, I’ve become more obsessed with and more conscious about continuously creating heart-bounding goals/visions ahead of me that’ll motivate and pull me into the realm of excitement and fulfillment in the future. I encourage you to do the same as that’s what makes life fun and adventurous.

Irrespective of your past successes and victories (which could be enemies of your future success if you let them), I can assure you that your best days are still ahead.  So keep envisioning, keep looking ahead and keep doing great things!

To your successes ahead !

About the guest

Franklin H. Ezenwa is a software developer by vocation and an author & aspiring international speaker by avocation. Based on surveys from current students, his book https://allroundachievers.com/book/ Be A High Achiever: Achieving all-round Success in College & University is fully loaded with tested and proven ideas, inspirations and techniques that will help students achieve the success they desire at school as well as equipping them to be the best version of themselves as individuals.

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