What is the fate of Nigeria?

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The security issues in Nigeria has been a matter of concern for a while now, but it seems to be getting worse by the day. Let’s start with the militant terrorist group from the Niger Delta region to Boko Haram from the northern part. Both groups have killed tens of thousands of Nigerians and have displaced a lot of people for years now. In November 2013, the United State, State Department designated Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Even more, with the recent threat from the Niger Delta region, there’s been another emergence of “Niger Delta Avengers” which many have classified as a growing terrorist group. To make things worse, several other terrorist groups are adding to this ever-increasing issue like the Fulani herdsmen, and Shiites group which developed through The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

Well, as most of you might have noticed, I am passionately concerned about the issues in Nigeria. Most notably, issues that affect the citizens and the governance of the country. I can’t help but share my thoughts and concerns on them.

Every country has her fair share of security challenges, but when the state of insecurity rises by the day, then there is a need for urgent action. This is where the security issues in Nigeria has brought us to. Yes!! There is an urgent need for some work in my country to bring peace. First, I believe that some factors have contributed to this ever-growing trend of terrorism; some examples are unemployment, poverty, poor control of borders, ethnic divide in the country, corrup government and government officials and many other reasons.

For whatever reason, these groups were created; should taking the lives of the innocent souls be a part of their mandate? Listening and watching the news is even scary now because all I see and hear are sad stories of innocent lives lost as terrorism. This is sad! I hear religion has a role to play, but what religion teaches people to kill? Hmmm!!! What is the fate of my country? Trust me most of the question we have to ask regarding the issues in Nigeria have no answers. The foundation of the problem is more profound than you think it is.

So many people are living with the fear of the unknown, some have lost their loved ones and family to this painful saga of evil. You really may not understand the pain this has caused in the lives of people until you are a victim yourself.

Something needs to be done; if not, we will lose my country to this wild wind of pain and sorrow. May God help Nigeria. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this topic. I am looking forward to them. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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