What has become of Africa?

A lot has been going on recently. Last week I expressed my concerns on the security issues in Nigeria. Well, I guess I am going to have to talk about that again because things have gotten out of hand.  I honestly had a different topic in mind for today’s blog post, but I think that will have to wait.

African as a continent is in trouble, and we are the trouble. Xenophobia, which is the dislike or prejudices against people from other countries, is now of the major issue in Africa, especially in South Africa.  Social media platforms are completely covered with xenophobia as a  topic. It is just terrible.  The headlines have been all about xenophobia in South Africa.

At this point, I would like to believe that Nigerians are not the only victims; immigrants, in general, are the victims.  Many people’s shops and properties have been destroyed. Worse of it all, people are being burnt alive, like this is the saddest part of everything.  How evil is the heart of man! How would anyone burn a fellow human being to death? This is pathetic.

This wave of xenophobic attack in South Africa has left a lot of immigrants living there in so much fear.   This isn’t right, and this shouldn’t be! We are meant to be brothers and sisters. Why are we fighting and killing ourselves?  What will become of Africa? What will we gain will from killing one another?  This is really a shame.  I am sad for Africa; I am ashamed of how ignorant some of us have become.  Nelson Mandela wouldn’t be pleased to see any of this if he were alive.  These aren’t the rights he fought for, xenophobia was never part of it. Never!

Now all of these have triggered more violent protest from Nigerians and other countries in Africa involved. Protesters are vandalizing south African owned properties in their countries.  People are retaliating, but this is not the solution because many more innocent lives are getting snatched all in the name of anger and xenophobia.

Nigerians!! What will retaliation do for us? We are hurting ourselves too.  Destroying South African owned goods wouldn’t solve this issue. Two wrongs can’t make right.

This is indeed sad. I am honestly so bothered at everything happening in African and especially to my country and my people. No job, high rate of insecurity, corruption, poverty, terrorism, and many more in one country. I really don’t want to give up on this country.

Why would Nigerians flee to other countries if their nation was good? Why would they run if the economy was in there favour? Why would they leave their homeland, if those so-called politicians aren’t embezzling everything that was meant to better the country?  Just take a look at the shame our country is causing us. People who went to South Africa for greener pasture are being massacred because of hate and prejudice. God! Why!

What will become of Africa? What has become of Africa? Honestly, this is very disheartening. Why so much hate? Why?  Where are our leaders? What are they doing about this? Urgent action is needed before things get too bad, before more lives are lost, or before war becomes an option.

Please, do not forget to say a prayer today, most notably for Nigerians and other immigrants in South Africa who have become victims of the xenophobic attack.  Pray for unity and peace in Africa. Pray that God grant our leaders the wisdom they need to handle this issue. Don’t stop praying for Africa.

4 thoughts on “What has become of Africa?”

  1. I have like a gazillion things to say, but none of them will ease the unrest already flooding the whole continent. It is so sad and disheartening that people of the same color, race, pedigree and continent have decided to turn on themselves.
    The worst part of this whole saga is that, the people in Nigeria(the government) who are supposed to be held accountable for the countless migrations of Nigerian citizens to other countries in search of better lives are a mere parody of the true meaning of leadership.
    All I can really say is God help us all, since man has refused to understand that heaven helps those who help themselves.

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