what does the future hold for you

As humans, we all have dreams, aspirations, hopes, wishes, as well as our fears of what the future holds for us. What do you think the future holds in store for you?

We are not futurologist to predict what will happen in future. The fate of our future is like watching a movie full of suspense. There are certain things about the future that we don’t know, and we aren’t meant to have knowledge of. This is because our future depends on how we have lived, how we live, and what we do.

How have you lived each day in anticipation of what tomorrow has for you? What kind of seed are you sowing or sowed? Your seeds could be the way you live your life, it could be your hard work, it could be your effort, it could be your actions and so on.

Life work hand in hand with the law of karma, the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. In other words, it can be described as “what goes around comes around”.

Kindly, to reflect on yourself, how have you lived your life so far? how do you live your life? What kind of seeds have you sown? what kind of seeds are you sowing? How have you laid your bed? how are you currently laying that bed? How has your action affected and impacted people? what difference have you made to the society, or your social circle be it positively or negatively? How would history describe your life on earth so far?

Like I had explained in the article “When the past affects the present”, the view of the future can be shaped by your past and everything that makes up your past. As sweet as life can be for some of us, and as hard as it can also be for some, we shouldn’t forget that whatever we do today is a foundation of something for tomorrow.

We are not perfect; therefore, we are bound to make many mistakes, nevertheless we should try to consciously sow the best today toward the future. This is because our seeds today doesn’t only affect us, but generations to come.

Hence, the beauty and joy of the unknown future are dependent on our action , the way we have lived, and the way we live every day as it comes. So, I ask again, what would you assume the future to hold in store for you?

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  1. we are the creators of what exactly the future holds for us, we create our own destiny which is determined by the choices we make in our lives which is derived from what we belief.. we all should prayerfully take steps in life that would bring us to a brighter future with goodies in stock for us…shhhhh don’t shout just my little opinion

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