Being in Love sometimes, is like being surrounded by happiness and joy.

Some people believe that being in love, and happiness sound synonymous sometimes because of their shared connection.

Well, this could be true especially in the early stage of a relationship.

When love and happiness works hand in hand, they could also be referred to as best abstract friends, because of the existing glow they come with.

Sometimes, we tend to feel so happy in love that we can’t stop smiling unconsciously. It is a special feeling.

Imagine when strangers share their love stories, it feels magical.  In some cases, we tend to imagine and picture that happy feeling.

The connection existing between love and happiness floods like the feeling of peace that your heart and soul rests into when you just think about it.

Imagine getting up from your cozy bed in warm quilt on a winter morn. Then you silently watch the raindrops clatter across the window pane as you listen to your favorite romantic song that takes you down the memory lane of ecstasy.

Love could be a feeling of contentment. A sheer satisfaction of wanting nothing else in the world than that moment, filled with intimacy and accomplishment.  It is a trans-state where you are completely incomplete and incompletely complete at the same time.

The effect of Love is like a virus.  The carrier is a potent and infectious source of happiness. It is the spring in walk, the chirp in talk, the sparkle in the eyes and the butterflies in the stomach.

The fact is love and happiness works better together. They say a person needs just 3 things to be truly happy in this world: Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for, and in this very order, in accordance with love and happiness

However, I am not disputing that love could hurt sometimes, that love could cause pains, that love could be regretful. You can’t always get Love and happiness at all times.

Nevertheless, when love and happiness are linked together that special connection creates the magical feeling of completeness. I would like to refer to their connection as an overall assessment of oneness

Therefore, it is an experience rather than an intellectualization. Like it is commonly said, love is the word we use to represent feeling, states, attitudes, pleasures, or strong affections felt for any number of things from romantic attachments to sexual attachments and even to platonic attachments. Like I said it is the profound feeling of total and complete oneness.

We all desire love, we all wish for that moment when we can wake up to that very special one sleeping right beside us. We wish for that moment when all we see is nothing but perfection in imperfection. We wish for moment when we could look at that special one in the eyes and say, “roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you”.

However, that amazing feeling remains questioned. How often can we see nothing but perfection in imperfection?



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