We need to pray!

These past few months have been insane with the world facing so many challenges. First, locust swarms are threatening to damage the crops in countries like Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Somalia and Kenya – to the recent explosion in Lagos, Nigeria. Indeed, many lives, properties and businesses were lost.

Even more, Coronavirus, as a pandemic, has the world troubled! Everyone is unsettled; There is so much fear in the world. What is the fate of things? Many have lost their lives to this virus; many have been hospitalized while the rest of us have been advised to quarantine ourselves and practice social distancing for safety reasons. Countries, Provinces and States in countries have declared the States of Emergency. Even worse, a lot of countries have closed their borders. What is next? Again i say, the world is troubled.

Watching the news these days has been very tough. There seem to be so many adverse. There are so many conspiracy theories regarding the whole saga. The world is in such a mess. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a family member or loved one in this trying time. For every one of us affected by the virus in one way or the other, let’s have faith in God. This, too, shall pass. Don’t forget to cultivate the habit of washing your hands with soap regularly, using sanitizer once necessary. Please visit the W.H.O website for symptoms and more hygiene recommendations.

It is time for us to come together to pray in unity. Let’s put all sentiments and all our differences aside; we need this storm to be over. To think of it, the death toll is increasing by the day, and this is very alarming. We need to pray for the healing and prevention of Coronavirus spread, for solutions to the issues in the world, we need to pray for strength and, most notably let’s pray for peace amid these adversities

This is a wake-up call everyone, we need to pray!

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