We might have lost the voice

Hello, my fantastic reader! How are you doing? How has your week been? Mine has been good though a little stressful, but I am looking forward to my weekend trip so I can rest.

Anyways, today I would like to address the reason why a lot of us experience breakup in communication from my perspective. Well, I believe we all know that communication is practically an exchange of information and a means of conveying or sharing ideas and feelings. Nevertheless, a lot of relationships suffer due to the lack of communication whether platonic or romantic relationships.

First, I will like to establish the fact that problems with communication do vary from person to person. Nevertheless, I believe that one of the most common issues of communication is that everyone has an opinion on everything, and more often we always think we are right. Hence, we don’t listen enough to understand the other party’s opinions, views and perspective instead we listen enough to reply based on how we feel and what we think. This goes for both you and me. Our inability to listen attentively has led to poor communication. The person hears the words coming out of your mouth but does not listen to comprehend

Due to this, a lot of us have become less expressive of how we feel about things, and this has led to so many misinformation and misunderstanding. This leads me to another point. Some of us have become less expressive that our actions speak in place of ‘communication’ itself. Now, my question for you and I is what has happened to communication?

The lack of communication has also led to so much resentment and anger amongst individuals today. We tend to bottle so much that can simply be expressed by a dialogue. Have you ever considered the fact that communication is one way to prove the famous saying that prevention is better than cure? This is because it helps to resolve issues before drastic measures are taken which can be harmful to relationships be it platonic or romantic.

Well, I know sometimes communicating can be hard most especially when we tend to deal with people who can be quite complicated. I have been in that shoe, trust me it was hard to communicate; it could have been my approach or their mentality. You never know. Well in a future I will be sharing one of my experience.

-Kindly share your thought and opinions, and have a wonderful weekend, because mine is about to be ‘lit.’

4 thoughts on “We might have lost the voice”

  1. Insightful however you left out something I believe is key. There is the factor of simply growing up (maturity) where we take up interests that is not appealing to our friends and family. This is natural and it leads to forming new friendships.

  2. If we don’t communicate effectively it’s because we don’t want to put in the time and sensitivity it requires. Communication should be easy and natural.

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