“We have a problem with women not supporting other women.”

Another Friday, another blog post, but this week, I will like to address another current issue in society. Okay, let me start like this, according to Chelsea Handler, an American comedian, “we have a problem with women supporting women.” To an extent, day by day, this is becoming even truer, and my question is why? Before I go on, feel free to share your thoughts, comments and opinions regarding this subject because I am looking forward to it.

Now, Is it just me, but I hardly hear the need for men to support one another. It doesn’t seem to be an issue, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for women.

Every day we fight for equality as women, but we can’t even support one another. This doesn’t add up or does it? Is there something I am missing? What is the actual problem? Come to think of it; it is becoming worse now that social media is becoming more than a ‘thing’ or should I call it a global platform. I know you all know what I am talking about. We all know this is an issue, take it or leave it.

Let me put this out there, I admire high-achieving and confident women doing very well in the society. Also, I know many amazing women that have dedicated there time to empowering other women.

 Notwithstanding, with social media as a global village, I have seen and noticed this new trend of women leaving negative comments and harassing other women through, and on social media platforms. I have seen women who even body shame other women. Are you kidding me! What is our world turning into? Should this be allowed?  Most especially, in this era of social injustice flooding the internet, most notably against women, this shouldn’t be the norm. CEO Sheryl Palmer of Taylor Marrison Homes expressed last year that it is “a tragedy’ when women don’t support each other. Yes, it is!

This is my opinion; we need to stop this growing issue of women not supporting one another. Women, we need to help one another grow. Let us all try to support one another positively, and with the best of our ability to create change in this world of ours that negativity is slowly swamping. No need for the hate, no need for all these negativity.

  May God help us all, because with the way things are going, I fear for our society and the world at large.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for reading and have yourself a fantastic weekend as usual.

2 thoughts on ““We have a problem with women not supporting other women.””

  1. Great Conversation Starter.

    I believe the reason women do not support other women is that men do not support us. If men truly supported and uplifted women in our society then everyone would uplift everyone and we would hone in on women alone. We are born to compete with each other, men and women alike. Survival of the fittest. It’s biological.
    Men compete for position and mates and women compete to be that mate. That’s why you see women who constantly attack other women for their partner’s infidelity rather than confront him.
    In this day and age, women are more independent, which makes them more suitable mates to some and competition to others. Which is why women constantly go back and forth at each other about looks and age and child rearing to try and make themselves feel better about what they feel is lack of something e.g a partner, dream job, money or looks to name a few.

    1. So this is the issue Mary, We don’t have to always put the blame on men. In the case, we need to help ourselves, we need to eliminate unnecessary competition, or unnecessary hate amongst ourselves. We need to start supporting one another.

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