Value of good company

Hello there! How are you doing? How was your week? Mine was bombarded with exams, but am doing okay. Nonetheless, this week made me re-realize how much influence and difference people can make in your life

People can have a significant impact on your life and how you view life. Their influence can either be positive or negative. Do you agree?

From a personal point of view, I believe the positive types tend to be resourceful to your growth and development. In most cases, they come with optimism and fulfilment. While the negative ones can be parasites, they are there to suck out your happiness and joy, and sometimes they come with pain and misery. Who are the kind of people you surround yourself with?

In actualizing your purpose in life, the kind of people you surround yourselves with matters, this is because some people come into our lives and they are nothing but a nuisance and distractions. In fact, they drain our energy. This is precisely what happens when you surround yourself with negative or cynical people; you become cynical and pessimistic. How has the impact of the people on yourself affected your growth, development and success?

Surrounding yourself with positive -minded people, that will motivate and inspire you, and also correct your mistakes is key to success. Positivity is contagious, the more you surround yourself with positive minded people, the more you will develop their optimistic outlook on life. As a result, you will start to grow more positive ways of thinking and better ways of perceiving the world. They help you build your self-esteem and help you develop a strong sense of self-worth. What do you think?

I think we all need to think about the people we spend time with, the people that surround us and also the impact they have on our lives. Even more, we should think about how they have influenced the way we see life and the difference they have made in our lives. According to Oprah Winfred, Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

3 thoughts on “Value of good company”

  1. I’ll like to paraphrase this adage, and mine will go something like “bad company corrupts good vibes” ? and vice versa. Good company is everything, and I believe it’s actually a major step in being successful. When you have people that exude good energy and vibes you’re inspired, and like my sensational blogger put it, you’ll definitely contact the good energy from them. The people you keep around you either make you or break you or worse still confuse you. So surround yourself with people that bring you everyday one step closer to your goal.

  2. Agreed. You can try and say a friend with self destructive behaviour wont affect you because you’re not partaking but in actuality it can start to penetrate your life and impact your behaviour and also compromise your spirit.

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