Understanding the value of self-respect

Hello! Hello! Hello! How are you! How has your week been! Well, mine has been excellent. I am back in school and ready to battle with all the assignment saga and drama.

I am looking forward to what this semester has for me.

Anyway, to the aim of today’s post. I will like to shed a little light on self- respect based on my perspective. First, what is self- respect? Well, the Urban dictionary defines it as “having dignity and morals.” I believe this is a clear summary of what it is. Hence, why is it necessary for you and me?

I have grown to realize that self- respect works hand in hand with self-love and dignity. Let me throw more light on that. When we refer to dignity, we are talking about a sense of pride in oneself. With this, I mean, loving yourself for who you are on the inside and not just because of what you do, what you look like or what you are capable. I mean appreciating the beauty of your being inside and outside. It is taking pride in who you are, and what you have become positively. Self-respect is knowing your worth and value and appreciating all your individual and positive growth.

Nevertheless, I will not dismiss the fact that there are challenges with acquiring self- respect. You can not build it if you don’t have confidence in your self. You can not build it if you have lost your integrity and dignity. Therefore a person without self-respect may feel the emotions of anger, guilt, blame, shame, or even regret. More often this is where the issues of low self-esteem come into existence. Seeing yourself as less worthy and incapable. Even more, if you can’t respect yourself, how can you respect others and how can others respect you?

Well, I guess this isn’t new to you and I. However I would like you to think about this. Trust me, we all need self-respect every day of our lives, especially when dealing with people in general. I will leave you with these wise words of Mahatma Gandhi; “they cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” Think of this critically and have a blessed weekend.

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