Trusting God through it all

As I already established in most of my previous blog posts, we all face life challenges constantly in every area of our lives. However, are we aware of the fact that we have a God who is there for us through every pain and distress?

Growing up in a Christian home, I have evolved to understand that God is everything to me. I have grown to realize that he is there for me even when I’m faced with trials or situations I can’t control. He always makes ways when there seems to be no way. He’s always been my source of strength and the foundation of my motivation.

Honestly, a lot have tested my faith in God this past month, but one thing I am sure of is, God will always see me through, and he does. Even when I get overwhelmed by my challenges, I believe everything will be just fine in due time, and they are.

Linda Evans Shepherd, in her book “Stress Cure: Praying Your Way to Personal Peace,” she encourages that “If you are caught up in situations beyond your control, the solution is not figuring out how God can save you; it’s trusting that he will.”

I am here to encourage you today. Trust in God amidst every trial and tribulation that might come your way. Trust Him to see you through, trust Him to guide you and protect you. Trust Him to create opportunities in the midst of disappointment. Trust God to make everything okay.

Don’t let your troubles drown you. Don’t allow frustration overtake your sense of being. Why not cast your burden on God and let God have his way in your life, and in whatever situation you are in. Believe Him to make things right. Have faith in the works of his hands. Trust me, I speak from experience. Worry less, and believe more in God. Let him be your strength like no other. Trust God to see you through it all.

Happy new month guys an have a lovely weekend!

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