Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks, said Isaac Watts. Well, I agree with him and this is based on my own experiences.

Everyone has uncertainty about who they trust, or who to trust. In most cases, it could be how much to trust, or when not to trust and so on.  The truth is, consciously and unconsciously we make decisions everyday about whom to trust and how much to trust.

What are trust issues? what do you understand to be trust issues?

This is the inability to completely or firmly place confidence in a person, or the inability to predict what the other person will do and what situations will occur.

Why is it so hard for some people to trust? In my opinion, I think it is difficult to remain vulnerable, trusting and opening to life in this time and age full of so much uncertainty.

There are few of us that might have friends, and family member that we can count on.

Some might have good relationship partners that they can turn to as a haven with believe that they won’t be let down, well lucky you if this is your case.

However, sometimes things change, and these people you have high hopes on, can or might let you down.

It essential to know that our minds stress into our protected space which gives room for unexpected relationship problems to disturb the existing peace and harmony. Which boost insecurities and self-doubt especially in areas of loyalty, trustworthiness and love.

Without realizing it, we tend to react to these doubts by pulling away from those who love us.  Nevertheless, this may not always be the case. It could be disappointment accompanied by pain and anger, which makes us question why we trust who we trust.

Each one of us have our different experiences on trust that we might have managed well or not.  This is because the issue of trust isn’t angled at a thing.

Trust issues is one of the world biggest problem, that exist amongst friends, family, spouse and so on.

Personally, I would describe myself as a very social person. However, I try to keep my stuff to myself, and this is because of trust issues.

I have had funny bad experiences with people, especially those I have called family.  Experience they say is the best teacher.

We go through certain situations in our lives that changes our perception and ideology towards things.  My experience made trust a big deal in my life.

Over the course of time, I have learnt from my father that it is not only about who we trust, but who we have decided to trust. I have worked with this carefully, because one of the basis of life is  who we share our life and experiences with.

This is pretty much applicable to everyone.  Nonetheless, I won’t say I am completely healed from trust issues but I am getting there. It is a struggle especially, when my experience try to play back and in most cases I consciously relate my present world to my past, and this is wrong.

Well over time, my trust partner happened to be my therapist, because he is one person I can share a lot with confidently, and he understands my issues.

I will not be expecting most of us to go this part, but then one of the ways to let go of trust issues is to get someone who understands you and can relate with you. It could be a mentor, a coach, parent or partner.

The major process towards overcoming trust issues is Learning how trust works, how to earn it and extend it by trading consciously. Confront your trust prejudice, suspicions, fear and painful feelings.

These are what I do, but like I said I am still in process to achieve this goal. We can do it.  Other than living in a cold space, let’s

2 thoughts on “Trust and its issues

  1. Your write-up makes a whole lot of sense to me. The issue of trust and human nature is inextricabe in our present day society. Personally, I have had issues with those I tend to trust but now because of the bad experiences I have had, I don’t easily trust.
    Keep it up.

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