‘Tis the Season

We are a week away from Christmas and guess what, it falls on a Saturday this year. I hope you are excited and have made plans for the holidays. Everything is starting to feel better even though we are still in lockdown. As we already know, COVID still exists, but a vaccine is here! Maybe things might normalize sooner than we expect.

This year, I am going to miss attending my parents Vow Renewal ceremony, and as hurtful as this may sound, I am grateful to God for them. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, and seeing my parent commit to reaffirming their love and passion for each other brings me so much Joy. It wasn’t always rosy, at least from my experience, but seeing how much they’ve loved themselves and wanted to make things work gives me hope for my future. I have always been a hopeless romantic, and seeing my parents so excited to renew their vows after many years of marriage makes me so happy and enthusiastic about the idea of love.

Speaking about love and family, I hope you get to spend this Christmas with your family and those who mean a lot to you. I hope this Christmas rekindles the idea of harmony, love and togetherness for you. For those far away from friends and loved ones, make use of this season to reach out to people you care about because I intend to do that over zoom calls.

Happy holidays everyone!

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