The power of faith 

Believing in yourself that you can attain your goal is of great importance for achievement, and I was able to stress on this on my last article.  However, without faith, there will be doubts and disbelief, which can certainly lead to non-achievement. Faith draws and attracts what you want into your life, but the doubts, worries, and disbelief push them away.

I would describe faith to be a strong belief and confidence in someone or in something. Take the lives of great and successful men in the world today, they did not only believe in themselves, faith played a major role in their lives.

Faith is not hoping or wishing for the best, faith is knowing. Faith works with visualization, see that goal as already achieved. This is because it strengthens your motivation to act and pursue your goal.

Faith is more than belief, it is more than trust and even more than confidence. It is the sum of these three together. Faith works hand in hand with willpower, discipline, persistence and positive action. Also, keep in mind that is very important that you take positive action to show your faith.

Sometimes, we read motivational books or listen to motivational stories and feel really boosted with faith in ourselves. At this point, we believe we can make it but then we notice it isn’t coming as soon as expected, then we start losing faith

The truth is nothing comes easy. Yes, it will take a while, yes, the road won’t be smooth, yes there are times it will seem as if you are not progressing, don’t give up. For me, when things seem slow, when it seems as if my faith is taking me nowhere I like to see things like this; my blessings are so much, too big and very large, therefore God is taking his time to make sure they are perfect.

This might not work for some people, to some it might seem silly, but this keeps me going and helps build my faith even stronger.

Faith can move a mountain. With faith, you can possibly achieve great things and make the impossible possible. According to Gail Devers “keep your dreams alive, understand to achieve anything, requires faith.”

Don’t doubt your abilities, skills, vision, talent, hard work and most importantly yourself. The power of faith can do wonders

According to the words of Mary Manin Morrissey, “you blow your dreams when you allow your fears to grow bigger than your faith”.

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