The Mystery about Our Inner-self

Hello! How are you doing? How has your week been so far?  Anyways, I am done with exam for this semester. I can’t deny it was a rough semester for me, but Jesus took the wheel.

Today I would be addressing the individual internal identity, what I identify as the inner-self.  Every day, a more in-depth part of you is always at work; often, we tend not to pay attention to it. Well, this is your subconscious mind, the place of your being where the personal beliefs about yourself are stored and in most cases harboured.

We live with our conscious minds, but beneath this consciousness runs the software of the mind, otherwise known as the subconscious which builds our inner self. Believe it or not, our inner self-controls and create a portion of our external identity. It influences our behaviour, attitude, action and sometimes patterns. It is powerful and can make us or demolish us. The lessons from your life experiences reside within your inner-self and continue to shape how you view yourself as you progress through life.

It works with our environment and relates it to our characteristics and desires. In fact, It can be our motivator and booster. However, once it is clouded with negativity, pain, distress and anger, it takes a different turn. This can affect our response to whatever life may bring our way, be it positively or negatively. The fact is we have to fight against negative influence especially to our inner-self because it also works hand-in-hand with our affirmations and values.

For instance, with overcoming the issue of low self-confidence, our thought is meant to be our point of attention. This is because we sometimes subconsciously say negative things like ” I can’t do it,” “I don’t think am good enough,” “I guess I will never make it,” and this is wrong. what you need to do is program yourself to start saying positive things like, I can do it, “I am able and capable”, “I will make it.” Staying positive around positive people and positivity in general is a right influencer to our subconscious mind.

What kind of information is our subconscious soaking into? How will this affect us? To think of it, how have we been affected already? Finding our inner self is essential, understanding the persona of your inner-self is vital. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions as I am looking forward to them. Have a bless week ahead.

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