The hidden value of rejection

Hello, my fantastic reader! How are you doing? Hope your week went well? My week has been so productive. I also experience a couple of unexpected blessings. It has been nothing but God’s grace.

Today I will be addressing the hidden value of rejection. In a previous blog post, I shared the steps through which I dealt with rejection. I also emphasized that the way we handle rejection determines how we choose to respond to life.

This is my ideology of rejection; I believe it is part of the process we have to go through before achieving the greater good of life. It is a pretty humbling experience.

It practically illustrates the saying that life isn’t a bed of roses. Of course, it isn’t. We can’t always get what we want; sometimes we have to fail to learn and grow. I would like to argue that the experience of being rejected is significant.

One of the essential values of rejection is that it teaches us to overcome doubt and fear. Some of us get rejected because we are very unsure of our decision, we let fear and uncertainty to overwhelm and overcloud our minds, as well as our judgement. This does nothing but makes us losers. Our ability to recognize this fact and work on them through our experiences defines one of the core secret value of rejection.

Secondly, it is a reality check most of us. In fact, it is the other side of the reality that not everything will go your way. As individuals, we get to specific points in our lives, that we assume to be a success, and eventually, we get comfortable and forget that life is a battle. At such times, rejection comes as an eye opener and a bell that assembles us to the field of reality.

Also, rejection toughens you. Well, it is no news to us that rejection hurts. The pain of rejection is real, especially when you had high hopes. Nonetheless, I believe denial should be a reason for us to work even harder, persevere and remain consistent. I can’t stop stressing on this. The truth is rejection teaches us that life is a trail and loosing should be an option

In essence, all am trying to say is,  if we know how to deal with rejection and use it to our advantage then we have a better chance of becoming better people. If you haven’t gone through my previous article “dealing with rejection,” you should, as I have stressed on the importance and step through which we can deal with rejection. This is because our ability to deal with rejection can only make us understand and appreciate the hidden values of rejections.

Kindly leave your opinions and thoughts. Have a blessed weekend.

4 thoughts on “The hidden value of rejection”

  1. The values of rejection… interesting perspective Mandy.

    Do you really think that losing should be an option? Isn’t that a consequence of risky circumstances in which we may or may not win, however if we lose we can still learn a lesson. Then, to a certain extent we would be at least winning something that makes us better.

    Anyhow, your posts always make me think about life in many different ways.

    Thanks a lot Mandy

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