The four major marriages in Nigeria

Just like I promised, I will be introducing the major weddings that approves a man to totally claim a woman as his wife in Nigeria in accordance to the laws of tradition, culture and the nation.

Like I stated in my last article there are four major types of wedding that must be done for a man to rightful claim a Nigerian woman as his wife.

First, we have the Customary wedding otherwise known as the Introduction. It is at the introduction that the bride price and the bridal list get deliberated on by the families of the couple.  In Nigeria, the payment of the bride price is a vital element of a valid customary law marriage.

A bride price is a sum of money or quantity of goods given to a bride’s family by the family of the groom, especially in tribal societies. In most Nigerian families, communities, and tribes the bride price is paid to the father and in most cases, it is often tagged as a completion of the engagement.

Moreso, it is at the introduction that the families get acquitted to each other and in some cases, the wedding date are discussed and sometimes fixed.

The only issue I have with this aspect of marriage in Nigeria is that some tribes just don’t get that brides are not property for sale. The price tag attached to some bride can be unexplainable. Some families take advantage of this to make money, and this doesn’t make sense to me at all.

After the Introduction, we have the traditional wedding.  It is at this wedding the groom brings all that have been listed on the bridal list alongside the bride price to officially tie the knot with the bride according to the tradition and culture.

The grooms come with members of his family, kindred, friends and well-wishers while the bride families perform the traditional rites and officially gives the bridegroom their blessing. Heads up, it is at this wedding ceremony that those

aunties and uncles of yours will come with amazing dresses, and head tie. If you are unfortunate to have a crazy one then get ready to face even more drama and I mean it.

Once the traditional wedding is done the next in line is the religious wedding. For those of you that do not know, Nigeria has two major religion which are Christianity and Islamic religion. Nevertheless, as stated in the last article I am writing based on my experience and from my own perspective and as a Christian religious marriage is identified as the white wedding.

The white wedding is supposed to be a combination of the religious marriage ceremony and the wedding reception party. It is at this wedding that all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues’ and even neighbors and so on get to celebrate with u.

Also, according to the rules of the church, during the white wedding the couple get to sign and get their wedding certificate.

Finally, we have the court wedding, in this context the couple register the marriage under the marriage act of Nigeria where a marriage certificate is issued to them by the court.

Well, as a Nigerian or to most Nigerian this isn’t new. We must have experienced or witnessed it. However, I would I advise all the ladies that have decided or that have plans of going outside Nigeria to marry to give the man heads up else everything will come as a shock to him.

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