The effects of negativity

Hey! Hi! Hello! Thank God it’s Friday. How are you doing? How did your week go? For me, this week has been fabulous and blessed.

Today I would be talking about the effects of negativity. From my point of view, negativity appears to be more prevalent than positivity these days. Please correct me if I am wrong? I believe it has so much to do with our environment, peer pressure, what we tend to pay attention to, and our experiences. It has so much influence on whom we become and our actions in life.

You can’t experience progression and success when most of your thoughts are negative. This is because it makes you Less confident and reduces your self-esteem. It gives you no peace of mind. Your body lowers its defences, as negativity subtracts from your energy.

Negativity only gives room for self-destruction and makes you feel less of a person. It also makes you see life and every circumstance as tricky thereby destroying your faith and killing your potential. It prevents you from growing and instead it makes you feel like a loser that you are not. It also makes you close-minded to opportunities.

Even more, your extent of negative feelings can go from anger, frustration, irritability, to even anxiety and depression, passing through many other emotions, none of them are pleasant. They could also practically and emotionally affect the people around you, through a transfer of aggression. In most cases, you could even transfer the ‘negative vibe” to the people around you.

In essence, all I am trying to express is that negativity, in general, isn’t right for you. It doesn’t make you grow and won’t make you great. It will only kill the greatness in you and prevent you from striving to succeed.

I plan to shed more light on the importance of overcoming negativity in a future article. Well, for now, Let me leave you with these wise words from Joyce Meyer “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Think about this. Kindly share your thoughts, let me know what you think. Have a blessed weekend.

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