Take some time off

Are you drowning in the hustle and bustle of life? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you even take time to think and relax to live a well-balanced life? Do you have time to appreciate the simple but awesome pleasures of life?

Life can be overwhelming, whether you’re at school or work. Sometimes, the pressures can seem a bit too much. A lot of us feel the need to achieve goals, meeting budgets and proving ourselves worthy constantly. While these can be good for our self-worth, our soul needs rest and stillness to create balance in our lives. Taking time out can help you find yourself and also figure things out. By this I mean take time to be a little selfish and devote some attention to yourself.

Honestly, I consciously take time off once in a while. Sometimes, I intentionally try to dispose of all my work to take care of myself and rest. Another thing I like to do is take vacations. To me, it is one of the best times to relax and get my self together.

Vacation might not be your thing; however, try to take time off in whatever way you can. It is essential for our mind and body. As the author, Alan Cohen wrote, “there is a virtue in work, and there is a virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”

Guys, try to take some time off please, it is needed for a sound mind. All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Have a lovely weekend; and to the mothers, young ladies and beautiful girls, Happy International Women’s day.

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