Take advantage of opportunities

Opportunity, a word so common yet filled with so much power. This is one word I believe inspires hope and expectations.  I would define opportunity as a chance for progress.

As individuals, we have had a lot of good opportunities in life, some we took and some we missed.  However, being able to take advantage of it as much as possible is important because they have the ability to change your life for good; it could be emotionally, mentally, psychologically, materially, financially and so on.

The fact is great opportunities come unexpectedly. However, based on my experience, I would advise that you take advantage of it when it comes.  All you need do is simply say yes to them when they come around, this is because they don’t last forever.

Most at times, great opportunities come from your own ideas, and I am a testimony to this fact.  However, negativity pushes you away from opportunity because it makes you limit yourself to options.  This has made some individual lose out of greatness in life. I was only lucky enough to have someone who motivated me to follow my dreams, else I believed I would have missed out on most of the great opportunities life has offered me so far.

In addition, when it comes to opportunities, you must be pleasant with possibilities and usual with the fact that there are disappointments. However, like I always say, consistency and perseverance is all that matters.

Opportunities knock every day, you never know when that one destined to change your life for good will come. It is up to you to open to accept and take advantage of them.

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