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So, a friend of mine asked me few weeks ago if I could possibly fall in love with someone I have never met, and I couldn’t give an answer because I really don’t know what life holds for me. Coincidentally, I recently received many questions from different people asking me about the same thing and this got me thinking, what if it happens? Would I find it ridiculous?

Well, I guess it will make life much more interesting and adventurous, like some would say love is blind.

Come to hink of it, how many times have you pursued someone only because you thought they were beautiful or handsome?  You didn’t know anything else about them, so you imagined it.  You fell in love with your idea of them before you even knew who they were.

At this point in my life I can’t exactly say I have gone through this but then I would like to imagine that meeting someone you haven’t met or seen before could be fun, but then you might feel nervous and curious because you don’t know what to expect.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that you should be careful as you explore because you really can’t trust anyone.  We are all some sort of unsolved mystery.

Even after all the pink smoke clears and our flaws become so much more apparent, you still can’t possibly know all there is to know.

We have secrets, skeletons in our closets yet to come out, and we can change and do the unexpected at any given moment.  This change may even come as a result of our relationship with the person.

You’ll never really know what you’re going to get or lose, regardless of the medium used to meet them.

I believe some might not agree with the fact that you can fall in love with someone you have never seen, some might find this weird, some might think it is absolutely wrong?

Well I understand that we all have different views when it comes to issues like this? This might be because most individuals dwell on the popular saying “seeing is believing.”

“Falling in love with someone you have never met is like living a life of fantasy or probably a fairy tale.” Said a friend of mine, Derrick. What do you think?

But then my question for you is, what would you say if you were asked if it’s possible to fall in love with someone before you even meet them?

Well, while figuring your answer keep this in mind, mistakes  can be a good thing after all” depending on how you view the world.” These are strong words from an undisclosed friend.


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