Sustaining Motivation

Hello, my beautiful and fantastic reader! How are you doing? I am doing well and super grateful to God for another day and good grades this semester. Am also super excited and thankful because in a few days I will be turning a year older.

So far this year, I have been working hard on sustaining motivation in all my endeavours. I must confess, it hasn’t been easy, most especially under the worse circumstances. It has been a journey, an endless one at that. However, It is hardly a secret that the key to accomplishing one goal after another is staying motivated.

Staying motivated, involves you believing in yourself and having faith knowing “you can do it” and “you can make it” no matter the circumstance. It also requires perseverance, consistency, self-discipline, and having a positive mindset in achieving all or any goal. It is knowing and understanding that to fail is not defeat, and this is because, sometimes we have to fail before we can get motivated, believe it or not. I must say, this has made me embrace the act of courage and hope that I will make it no matter how many times I fail. How have you managed to stay motivated?

Through this learning process of motivating myself to follow through with my goals, I have been able to come up with a few steps for myself. First, as a Christian, prayer is vital. God comes first in everything I do. I make him the foundation of my motivation. This is because I firmly believe and know that with Him I can achieve every goal and that every other thing can be put in place accordingly. With this, I try to tap into the positive energy and practice the act of positive affirmation. I also work hard to make sure that my goals and dreams are becoming a reality and try as much as possible to control what I can, and worry less about what I can’t control.

In achieving these steps, I try as much as possible to follow these steps to stay motivated. I know it is not as easy as it may sound. Nevertheless, the ability to Stay motivated is entirely within your reach. Remember, ‘you can do it.’ Have an amazing weekend.

2 thoughts on “Sustaining Motivation”

  1. And also, focus inspires motivation. I must confess, I get distracted easily? so that’s how I learnt that lack of focus dwindles one’s motivation. From role models to your own faith in yourself and Maker, motivation comes. But the art of learning how to ignore negative vibes and energies is most important. If you get carried away by every error you’re being drawn to, you’ll loose focus on your goal. So remember, whatever inspires you motivates you and whatever motivates you brings you a step closer to your goal. Always stay motivated and use your mistakes to your own advantage.

  2. Also focus inspires motivation, or better still concentration. I actually get distracted too easily ? so I know what distraction does. From your maker to role models and faith in your own self, you can draw motivation. Whatever motivates you, should be what you focus most on. Learning how to ignore certain negative vibes and energies is also important because you cannot stop to address all, it delays your goals, so why not use them to your advantage. Whatever motivates you brings you a step closer to your goal, so ALWAYS stay motivated.

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