Struggle – a prelude to success.

Struggle is the device through which nature compels humans to expand and progress through stress and hard work.  It can either be an ordeal or a magnificent experience, it all depends on your attitudes towards it and your end goals.

Your success isn’t impossible and isn’t unthinkable with your struggles. This is because it strengthens and prepares you to appreciate success when it finally comes. This means your success can also be based on how well you overcome your struggles in life.

It can also be seen as a destiny teacher, which grooms you on what to expect from life and how to handle certain situation that might come your way.  They can also be important lessons that will help you grow in every ramification of life.

Some people try to go pass their struggles, dodging the huddles that is meant to teach them lessons, and prepare them for the future. However, such people never reach their goals the right way, or better still the never make it there.

The reality of it is,  we all have to go through it our own way. However, how we handle it realizing that there is hope for the future determine our outcome, and how it shapes our sense of character.  Nonetheless, without the sense of character which you are meant to gain from your struggles, you might end up flowing through life with very little purpose or plans.

Struggles forces you to move forward, it leads you to eventually realize  that your success comes through it.  This is because nothing worthwh­ile in life will ever be achieved without experiencing some kind or form of struggle. The truth is, if success was so easy, then everyone would be successful without putting effort.

Life demands struggle. Some who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life.

It is okay and human to feel stressed by your struggles sometimes.  You will find that it is encouraging to know that your struggles are easier to cope with a good attitude. Having a good attitude is not about minimizing the size and the effects of your struggles – it is about focusing on the result, not on your circumstances.

Life is a struggle and the rewards you get from meeting your difficulties is success and achievements.  Be brave, your struggles are only here to prepare you for the best.


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