Last semester was the worse I have had in the university of Windsor so far; I remember I considered dropping one of my majors twice. I was mentally stressed; I broke down several times. My therapist had advised me to take a break and allow myself enjoy the moment, but no! that guilty conscience won’t let me be. It kept pushing me.  Every time I considered writing, my hands and ears start heating, my mouth felt heavier, my legs got a bit colder, sometimes, it seemed to me as if I had a fever. There were times I became anxious for nothing.
        Nevertheless, I thought chiropractic and massage was an option to bring me off this phase, no way! That was a joke because it didn’t help at all, how sad? I cried severally to feel better. Nah!!  All of that didn’t work, school work was slowly driving me insane. I became a frequent patient in the clinic. As advised by my therapist I needed to take things one at a time, as he explained that this was and still and is the simplest way to get myself together because I was mentally stressed. Even worse, I was secretive about my condition at that time to people around me, I needed to open a lot more. I needed to start venting to someone that could correlate my pain. I needed to speak to someone who I could trust, I needed to take life a bit less serious. I was slowly killing myself. Have you ever felt like this?
            I know a lot of people if not all go through stress. Stress, stress, stress, stress. It probably might not be like mine, but then we all get stressed. It could be emotionally, some mentally just like me and many more. In some cases, it could lead to depression, insanity and even death. As human we a bound to go through this phase in one way or the other and this is normal. I think the question behind this is how do we overcome it?
            We talk about it, but we are not exactly sure of what it is, because it can come from the good and bad that happens to us. However, it becomes a problem when we can’t handle an event or situation, then we panic giving room for worry to set in.  Though it can feel overwhelming sometimes, we must learn to take control of it. I would like to believe that stress is an emotional chaos that makes our daily life’s miserable. What do you think?
            Handling it isn’t as simple as people say it is, or as you can imagine, but trying isn’t bad.  To handle it, you must find your stress identity, that aspect of you that is easily prone to weakness. To some it could be fear, some anger, some, keeping to time and deadlines, and so on. Your ability to control and manage your system can help reduce stress a lot more than you can imagine. As a student, mine was fear and keeping to deadlines. Dealing with it wasn’t easy but I scaled through because life was looking even more miserable without my sanity.
            Secondly, stay active and happy as often as possible.  Stay motivated, positive and mind your thought. You function best in an environment with freedom, intelligence and happiness. Remember that the quality of things does not depend on how simple or complex it is, rather, it depends on how you look at it. Appreciate reality, the fact is life is all about making the best from reality, and experience all it has to offer. How do we make the best from life and reality?
         We breakdown, our emotion is uncontrollable, we get hurt, we get angry, we hate, even get disappointed but overcoming all these helps reduce stress. Realistically, I have gone through some of these phases and the only way out I must say is getting “rid of stress”. This is because they are sources and I mean genuine sources of it.
           Furthermore, create time for yourself, I learnt this the hard way. I was stubborn but when I started realizing this, I wouldn’t say it was late but rather it took me a long time to get things together. I learnt to simplify my schedule. I had just too much going on which prevented me from realizing I needed time for myself. I learnt to take life less serious, I started eating healthy, leaving more like I am meant to.
            Do you think it is hard to get off this stress drama? No, No, life they say is once, the way you live your life depends on you, but what matter is how you live it. Stress can be overcome by taking advantage of the opportunity you have now, and make life even more easy for yourself.

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