Strength of faith

Recently, I fell ill and truthfully, I became less positive than I use to be, because I wasn’t seeing the progress I desired.  It became even worse when all my laboratory test came out the same. I became more disappointed in myself, I couldn’t handle pain anymore. Then I started questioning a lot of things in my life, I question why my story was different. I wished God could instantly heal me and change my story at that time. My hope and trust for the best was slowly dropping.

Sincerely, this was a tough time in my life. I had to act like all is well when I go out and then boil in pain when I get home. It became even worse when the one person I desired to be there for me dumped me for some weird reasons. Nothing was feeling right. Have you ever been in a state that have made you lose hope, positivity and faith?

I battled in my pain and agony at that time with no one to call. I couldn’t tell my parent, because I didn’t want them to feel the pressure of my pain. I needed them to see things were going well even when it wasn’t. When it got worse, I couldn’t even tell them all that I was going through. I made them see that I was going to be better soon. It was at this stage in life I finally lost my faith.

I woke up one morning, drowning in pain, wallowing around negativity, slowly losing my mental state like there was no tomorrow. Then I decided to talk to my mum, though I wasn’t exactly ready to explain what I was going through. However, I think as a mum she could tell when all wasn’t going well. So, she asked me, “where is your faith my child?”

“Have you forgotten that there is nothing impossible with God” she further asked. I was speechless, I had nothing to say. Then she said, “wake up my baby, things will change, believe me you haven’t gone through what Job in the bible went through, yet he believed in God.” My mom was craving to see that courageous and faithful me that she had always known.

she advised me and made be believe that things could change in time, she used her life as an example. She went through worst, however today she is a living testimony. This made question, why loose hope?

Are you going through any situation in your life that is reducing your strength of your faith?  Have you lost hope?  Faith is like a house; it must be built on a strong foundation if it is going to stand tests and storms.

The best part about this truth is that the Word of God will never fail. Have you ever considered building your faith in God’s word? I have learnt over time that building faith on God’s Word will bring you nothing but peace, assurance and success. Why not find out what His Word says, which would enable you to lay claim to his promises that belongs to you.

Remember people have probably gone through worse than you think you have, just like my mom addressed the story of Job. He believed in God despite the pains and temptation. I saw God’s word for myself and registered it on the inside of me.

Also, acknowledge the fact that there is a difference between speaking to your mountain and speaking about your mountain. speaking to your mountain keeps things in proper perspective and this can be only achieved when there is faith.

By learning how to develop your faith, you’ll find that the impossibilities become possibilities. Don’t wait until a crisis happens to develop faith. Continually spend time reading, meditating, and confessing the Word. When you do, it won’t matter what comes your way, your faith will turn impossibilities into possibilities.

Do you still feel negative? Do you still question the strength of faith? Please don’t, keep a positive attitude about your own faith. Recognize that you have faith and that you can cause it to grow. Exercise it, then your faith can grow and move mountains!

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