Stop stressing and believe God…

Amid all that is going on globally, God has granted me countless reasons to be grateful for 2020.

Like every other person, I had so much planned out for this year. I envisioned things i hoped to accomplish, but as we already know, COVID happened. It threw me off a little. Trust me, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions, and I am sure I wasn’t alone in this.

At some point, I had to embrace the fact that i can’t control tomorrow. Hence, I had to take advantage of what today has for me. Truth be told, as the crazy year has gone, it was the only way out. Things started aligning for me with perfect timing.

Are you getting stressed over what could be? Please chill. Life will work out. Have faith and stress less. I know its better said than done, but many of us need to lean on God and wait for him to align things.

Have a great weekend. Please stress less and stay safe.

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