State of Nigeria amid COVID-19

Today i will be sharing my concerns on some current issues in Nigeria, due to the current lockdown as a result of the spread of COVID-19 virus.

I see the government is putting in what they identify as an effort to eradicate the spread of the virus, and it looks funny. This virus has exposed the fragile state of Nigeria’s medical care. This is because the government allocates Less than 5 % of our budget to the health sector every year which I believe is ridiculous. However, amid all of these, they plan to borrow $500 million to upgrade the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). This must be some kind of joke!

Now for human safety and well-being, everyone has been advised to quarantine. Well, it’s needed to avoid the spread of COVID-19 even further, but how do you declare a lockdown without electricity. How are they suppose to survive? In darkness? It’s sad! Anyway, I hear The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has made a case for improved electricity supply. Hopefully, this makes a change!

Even more, poverty seems to be taking a toll on some Nigerians during this time. A lot of them have little or nothing to eat during this lockdown. This is because of the state of poverty in the country. I know a couple of rich folks recently contributed to health care, and while some donated money to help the poor. My question is, where is the money, and how are we providing for the poor at this time? Would the fund’s donated help sustain everyone in poverty during this lockdown?

Can we be honest, Nigeria wouldn’t be in this state if not for our hungry politicians. What a country! A country where the rich get wealthier, and the poor grow poorer.

The level of corruption in that country makes things worse for critical times like this. It saddens my heart! It does.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on today’s topic. Stay safe.

5 thoughts on “State of Nigeria amid COVID-19”

  1. So sad! I heard they resumed lockdown in Delta state from April 1st and a young man was outside driving. A soldier shot him dead! Happened in Warri. Of course Warri people were not having it and they killed the soldier. Yikes!! I’m scared for my country.

  2. The article made a lot of sense. It’s actually sad how messed up the Nigerian government is.

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