Sad truth

So last week I lost a friend of mine. I couldn’t, and i can’t question God, as we all know he is the giver of life and he chooses to take it whenever. However, his death has me lost, very lost. It left me thinking and wondering about a lot, like my life right now. The things I do and what legacy I will leave behind if I die.

Death itself is an inevitable thing, yet excruciating. We can’t run from it; we can’t hide from it when God calls us we have to go. Nonetheless, while we are alive what is our impact on society, to our families, friends, loved ones and the people who look up to us.

Even more, his death made me realize that everything in this life is vanity; the cars, the houses, our assets, our valuables, the things we spend so much money on, the things we work so hard for. Think about it; we work so hard for the money we cannot spend after death. The sad truth is, they won’t follow us to the grave.

I rarely think of life like this, but his death made me think about things i would not naturally think about.

Most importantly, the past few days made me wonder what is life after death. As a Christian, i grew up to understand that after death is judgement. Judgement for our lives on earth, how we lived through it all. It might be different for other religions; however, what legacy would we leave behind after death. What will people remember us for? Remember once we die we become history, but the question is, how will history write our story.

Life is so unpredictable, we can’t tell what tomorrow hold for us but we can write our history. Think about it.

Oh!! By the way, Happy Easter guys.

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