Relationships don’t fill the void of Happiness

Recently, I have been caught in situations where people have expressed their concerns about being less happy because they aren’t in a relationship. Every time i hear people talk about it, it makes me cringe.

Yes, I get it, being single can be frustrating. No companion, no lover. It makes sense, but we can’t depend on someone for happiness, That is where some people get it completely wrong. In other words, if you’re not generally happy when you’re single, don’t fool yourself into thinking a boyfriend or girlfriend will turn that frown upside-down. Don’t get me wrong; being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, and they add so much to our lives, but they are not here in existence to provide happiness we can’t find in ourselves. This is because happiness is more than an emotional and mental state of mind. It sometimes defines character, attitude, actions and behaviour; In essence, it says a lot about an individual and their personality. Hence, relationships don’t fill a void or affix an emotional band-aid on your pain. Having someone in your life won’t fix the missing piece to your fulfillment. No dear, snap out of that!

What I’m merely trying to say is your happiness is your responsibility. If you are looking for a healthy relationship, try to get yourself in a happy place first. Otherwise, you’ll be gripping onto that relationship to make you feel fulfilled, and you might end up hurting yourself and another. It is just not healthy.

Well, I guess today’s article was able to speak to someone who needs to read this. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

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