Quit taking things for granted

Have you thought that we take certain things that we are privileged to have for granted? Well some of us do, especially things that seem everlasting – for example, our health, the air we breathe, our family, and even life in general. Well, have you ever thought to find out how much New portable oxygen concentrators would cost, I bet you would be shocked. Yet, we take life for granted.

We all assume that we will have tomorrow, what if it never comes? How many of us have visited the hospital to see people fight for their lives? Think about those who have lost their lives, family and properties to war, natural hazards and unfortunate events. They are not better than you and me.

Like you and I, many hoped for today and never lived to see it. It’s also easy to overlook the things that we use every day, like food and clean water. Do you know that there are people out there who barely have food to eat? We do take a lot for granted. We have become accustomed to the things around us, to the point that we forget about all of the “little” things we are so lucky to have. Sometimes we take a specific situation to make us appreciate the gift of life, sound mind, health and our family. Should it be this way?

Consciously or subconsciously we take advantage of the people we have in our lives. It’s easy to assume that we will always have these people, and it takes losing them to realize how wrong we were.
Please “learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.” – Ziad K. Abdelnour.

Hope valentine’s day was amazing for you? Have an amazing weekend ahead!

10 thoughts on “Quit taking things for granted”

  1. Recently a family close to mine lost the father. It pained me to my very core. Who ever thought that Uncle Mike full of vigour, a smile and a reason to live would be claimed in an accident so ridiculous and avoidable. It is important to cherish those and what we have. Let’s quit taking things for granted. Thanks Mandy.

    1. I am Sorry for your loss Ernie. Thanks for sharing this. I hope people get to read this and appreciate the people around them before time makes them wish they did when they were here.

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