Quit expecting so much from people

Many people tend to expect too much from others; it could be their family, their friends or even just acquaintances, but when their expectations are cut short, they get disappointed. We are all victims of this. I mean, ‘you and I.’

Human relationships can be very complicated sometimes. This is exactly why unrealistic expectations regarding other people’s behaviour can cause you disappointment, frustration, resentment or even anger. To avoid all that, it’s better to learn how to stop expecting too much from people.

From my experience with people, let me share a few of my tips that have helped me stop expecting too much from people. First, Have we ever thought of the fact that people don’t think exactly the way we do, or people see life differently from the way we see it. Besides, we all have flaws; consequently, we are bound to make plenty of mistakes. Therefore, I had to understand and keep in mind that nobody is perfect; hence, it will be hard for someone to fulfill my expectations one hundred percent.

Secondly, I learned to recognize those unrealistic expectations I had regarding other people’s behaviour and trashed them off my mind. Most importantly, I learned not to mix expectations with dependence, because these two concepts are very different from one another. If you depend a lot on a person, you’ll risk getting your feelings hurt.

In addition, In cases when you do something nice for people, learn to expect nothing in return, so you won’t get disappointed, or get hurt. Be nice because you want to be.

In a nutshell, be realistic and try not to expect too much from people so that you dont risk getting hurt. Stay inspired! Have a lovely weekend..

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