Overcoming the fear of failure

The fear of failing can be immobilizing. It causes us to do nothing and therefore resist moving forward. When we allow fear to stop our progress in life, we’re likely to miss great opportunities along the way.

The fear of failure could have been instilled in some of you from your early childhood, when you were told ‘not to do that and avoid this’. This might have caused an in-built caution in most of you, instead of acting, you seek permission and confirmation even when it isn’t that necessary.

The truth is most of us go through this unconsciously. You are aware of its presence, yet it controls you from the shadow like and invisible puppet master.

Many of us might be going through this at one time or another. Nevertheless, we need to know the meaning and causes of fear of failure.

There are different definitions to failure and this is simply because as humans we all have different benchmarks, values and belief systems.  To some, failure could be a great learning experience, and to other it could mean something else.

Most of us are afraid of failure, at least some of the time. Sincerely, I use to get really scared of failure but then over the course of time I realized that the fear of failure only brings me down even more.

Personally, I would define the fear of failure as an in-build negative thoughts and expectations that stops me from doing the things that can move me forward to achieve my goals.

The fear of failing can be linked to many causes; like having critical and unsupportive parents, friends or people around you. Some individuals were routinely undermined or humiliated during their childhood, which has negatively affected their adulthood.

Also, bad Traumatic experiences framed by failure can be a mental and psychological cause. In addition, placing high value on a specific goal which doesn’t yield profit can also be a cause, these and many more can cause fear of failure.

Overcoming the fear of failure is not easy based on my experience, it takes a lot of work especially when you are determined to take your personal growth to the next level.

The fact is, there is simply no pill that can cure the fear of failure and you don’t have to become fearless. You must be willing to face and investigate your fears.

Based on experience, I have learnt to identify the root cause. Where does your fear of failure originate? Think in depth, examine yourself.

Then this lead us to the next step, simplify the complexity. This is the stage you get to realize that it becomes even harder to let go as the fear bounces a lot because you have been able to visualize it.

Everything may begin to feel hopeless and not worth doing, because you just don’t know how, or where to start.  Simplification is all that you need at this point. Break down your fears, stratify them, then focus on overcoming them.

Failure is inevitable if you desire to live an amazing life. As humans, most of us desire to live a life full of passion, meaning and purpose but it is very impossible if we continue to succumb to our fears without seeking a way out.

Prepare to fail to succeed more because nothing good comes easy. Never assume that you know it all, never assume that you are above failure. The truth is the most successful people suffer failure, but then the amazing thing is they never give up.

Failure is temporary. Then again, keep in mind that you can’t predict the future. This means that you don’t know what lessons you tend to learn from your failures.  Open your mind to positivity.

We can all do it, I am a living testimony to this. When you face your fears, you realize that they aren’t as bad as you thought they are.

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