Overcoming self-doubt

Hello my fantastic reader, how has your week been? My week was excellent, and I am hopeful the weekend will be good too. Today, I will like to address self-doubt and share some steps I used to overcome it a couple times.

Over the years I have come to realize that self-doubt is one persuasive thought that has held me back from seizing great opportunities. Though sometimes, it did serve it right side as I learned to think thoroughly before making a decision, nevertheless it became a problem when it made everything seem either difficult or impossible. This only held me back from achieving specific goals.

Doubt is a prowling force that tends to run us off our confidence, faith and hope; instead, it put us in a state of worry and uncertainty. Take for instance; you are riding positively in the right direction to achieve a particular goal. Then, you suddenly start overthinking and asking too many self-assurance questions and slowly your hype on attaining those goals drop. Then doubt has set in.

This is what I believe and know. Self-Doubt is a human response to situations, but it becomes a problem when it distracts us from reaching or achieving a set goal. At this point overcoming self -doubt is vital. I will share a few steps I have used a couple of times to overcoming self -doubt.

First, I try to acknowledge the presence of uncertainty; then immediately I analyze the negative and positive impact, as well as the potential of my set goal. What it has to offer and what I stand to achieve from it. In most cases, I try to sick guidance from a mentor or someone who could direct me. My dad happens to be my go-to option more often. He helps analyze the goal as well and helps me put the necessary things into consideration like, what time is right to achieve this specific goal, my options and my possible losses.

The next important step is believing in yourself, the potential of your set goal and having faith. In accordance this you have to stay positive even when things seem to be rough. Positive affirmation is one way through which anyone can practice positivity. These were the few steps I had to work with, I am also aware that it is easier said than done, but you can do it.

Honestly, I still experience self-doubt sometimes, however, overcoming it has and will always be the way out. Share your thought and opinion and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful week

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