My heart has been broken several times, I have been hurt by my loved ones. This phase, heart break isn’t easy.  I remember losing my best friend Cliff at the age of 15, we had dreams of going to same school, having same job, but then the wind of death, waved him away from me.  He promised he would be there forever, he broke my heart the moment he left me alone in this world. I was shattered, broken and lost.  It took me time to get myself together, but that was after I realized I was slowly killing myself over someone who is resting with God.

With this I was able to realize that pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser and overcoming heartbreak is key. However, a lot of us still bubble around getting over heartbreak in general notwithstanding the circumstance that surrounds it.  It is hard I must say, but we really must move on, I learnt to move on too.  Nevertheless, I am here to take you through steps I used to overcome heart break several times and my ability to educate you on these are based on my experiences.  It is important to note that by overcoming heartbreak you keep your sanity checked, and you get to understand that there is nothing worth killing yourself for.

There is simply no exact reason to understand why we suffer heartbreak. Some people suffer heartbreak from loss of love, some could be death, some could be the impossibility to achieve goal and many more. However, one thing I know for sure is that certain things happens to us to make us even stronger. It is not as easy as it sounds, I know, but why lose yourself because someone or something went wrong?

Also, what happens therefore when you feel heartbroken is more loss. This is because now you are vulnerable to pain, which is normal because we are humans and we have emotions. These are bound to happen, but then it becomes bad when you let it take over you.  It is vital for you to also realize that only the light of faith can defeat the darkness your heart carries.

For me, heart break was a bridge I found very impossible to cross several times, but then to keep my sanity checked I had to fight that weak part of me. I am here to take you through the steps I used to overcome heartbreak. First, I had recognized that I was going through a very big emotional phase, and that I was not alone, because a lot of people go through this phase as well. Secondly, I had to print in my head that things will change in time, feelings are like tide. It has its time and moment.  I also learnt that there is a purpose for everything in life, I saw heart break as a lesson and not a mistake. With this I learnt to groom myself for a better future ahead. In accordance, I believed and hoped positively for a better tomorrow, and associated more with positive minded people. And finally, I opened my heart to love again, forgetting about the past and to move forward.

These were the steps I used to overcoming heart break and I must say, these steps work much better than you can imagine.

Remember there isn’t an exact reason to suffer heartbreak, everyone has different experiences and circumstance that surrounds theirs. It is only natural to suffer heartbreak because of our vulnerability as humans. However, overcoming it is the foundation of standard living.

Heartbreak is a very difficult thing to deal with, but not impossible. It is never too late to overcome it; it is either you get rid of it or it get rid of you. The ball is in your court, take advantage of the opportunity you have now to overcome the pain which stands to overcome you.

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