Overcoming Frustration as a Barrier to success

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I don’t know if this sounds new, but Frustration is a Barrier to success and growth. In some cases, it comes as a result of one’s inability to achieve something or reach a specific goal, and to a fault, it makes you feel like all hopes are lost. It can be as a result of life challenges; like in fulfilling personal goals, aspirations and dreams. A lack of confidence can also cause it.¬† Honestly, it sucks out the positive energy in you.

I would like you to acknowledge the fact that frustration gives room for other mixed emotions like anxiety or negative feelings like anger, discouragement, and confusion.

Most of us are victims of frustration as a barrier in our lives though we might not admit to it. It is a part of life. Nevertheless, it becomes a problem when we let it overtake our zeal and motivation to be productive, as it winds us up and can take so much out of us. Therefore overcoming frustration as a barrier to success is very vital.

From my experiences, I will advise that you identify that you are frustrated and perhaps might have overshadowed your motivation and drive to push toward achieving any set goal. Secondly, get it out of your mind. Don’t spend your time and energy being frustrated. Surround yourself with positive minded people who you can share your burden with. If you are not one to share your burden, listen to motivational videos, speeches, or read motivational books, they will help improve your motivation to be productive. I am a testimony of this.

Most importantly, practice positive affirmation. Here is one of the ways I fight the feeling of frustration. I tell myself positive stuff like “I can make it, “I am a winner,” “I can do it” ‘I am a success.”

It is essential we learn to control this feeling of frustration in our lives before it controls and becomes a barrier to our success. Have a blessed weekend.

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