One step at a time

Hello! my fantastic reader! How are you doing? How did your week go? Mine was good, though hectic. Today, I would like to address a famous saying “one step at a time.”

Up until date my father never failed to remind me of the fact that the road to victory can be very narrow. He would say “the journey to success is stressful, nothing comes easy.” Of a truth, the path to success is quite stressful. There are so many hurdles, stumbling blocks, obstacles, obstructions and challenges that we must face. That is where the notion of taking one step at a time comes into reality.

One step at a time can be understood as ‘taking your time, or slow and steady but careful and smart. Over the years, I have grown to realize that life is not a rush.

Every one of us has dreams, big dreams, beautiful dreams. However, sometimes life happens and it seems as if you are drowning in quicksand. It gets worse when you feel as if you are falling deeper into it all. However, when some of us might realize this, we try to pull ourselves back up, and when I mean ‘back up,’ I mean to the top. Yet, We still get bombarded with more elements being thrown at you to keep you falling further.

Sometimes in life, we get so overwhelmed with the things we have to do to get to the top or the future. While doing them, we tend to forget that life is in stages. What will come to you will come at the right time, and what will be, will be.

I believe we need to be content with small steps. That’s all life is. We need to accept the fact that challenges are a part of life. Remember, the big things they say has a small beginning. The secret of getting there is getting started. Trust me; this is the truth. Take small steps every day, and you will get there.

Kindly share your thoughts, let me know what you think. Have a blessed weekend.

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