Nigeria’s health care system is a Mess!

I am here again to address another critical issue in Nigeria, health care. Before I address this issue, I will like you to understand that health care should be amongst any nation’s most significant priorities for its citizens. The question often asked is, why is health care an essential aspect of a country’s budget? First, Healthy people are assets for a country—secondly, it’s our right to have good and quality health care. Nonetheless, the Nigerian government seem to be very ignorant about this.

For your information, according to the article “African Strategies for Health”, Nigeria currently spends less than 6% of its national budget on health care, which in my opinion, is close to nothing. Yet, our president and other government officials travel the world for medical treatment. Does this even make sense?

Not to compare, but these countries they travel to for medical treatment have invested in their medical system. Yet, Nigerian government officials like President Buhari rather invest their money in their already established system instead of fixing our health care.

People have lost their lives due to the inefficiency of our health care system and infrastructures. Why is Nigeria’s health care budget less than 6%? When other countries like the United States spend 17.7%, and Canada spends 11.5%. Even more, as of 2018, Ghana spent 15.5 % of their budget on health care. All this information are accessible online; feel free to check them out for yourself.

Well, all this proves that the Nigeria Government do not care about their citizens, and it’s indeed sad. Where is the change that Buhari promised? When will we see a better Nigeria?

On the other hand, Happy Easter guys !

2 thoughts on “Nigeria’s health care system is a Mess!”

  1. With them to trying to recruit 50M youths and feed cassava and corn, the health and wellbeing of its citizens is definitely the least of their concern. #SadReality

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