Nigeria is Bleeding! #EndBadGovernanceinNigeria

For those of you following the #EndSARS protest, you are very aware that the Government isn’t listening. On the evening of Oct 20, 2020, the Governor of Lagos state issued a 24hour Curfew. It was to prevent the citizens from exercising their constitutional right to protest. They took out the cameras, turned off the billboards, and waited till it was dark, then they decided to waste more lives of peaceful and unarmed protesters at the Lekki Tollgate in Lagos. It was an ambush, a genocide, a massacre. Thank God for social media; if not, this wouldn’t have received coverage, yet our leaders deny it happened.

Make it make sense! The Government is killing citizens because they ask to end police brutality. Once again, we have seen signs of a failed Government. The Nigerian Government has no conscience. This hurt so bad! Where is hope? Where is hope for our future? Why all of these? Why kill people because they are speaking for their right? Where is the democracy that we claim to practice? Where is respect for our human rights? What have we done to deserve this amount of brutality, pain and grief? I honestly have a lot of questions to ask; my heart is so heavy. Nigerians deserve better than all of these. I grief for the vibrant lives that they murdered.

It hurt! I’m emotional! The pictures and videos are so gory. Nigeria is led by corrupt and evil individuals who think of their selfish interests and nothing more. To make things worse, President Buhari decides to address the nation after several weeks of silence, and he doesn’t acknowledge or address the 20/10/2020 genocide. Trust me; it doesn’t make sense. It merely shows that the president and the entire Government do not care about us, the citizens. We don’t matter to them; Our concerns mean nothing to them.

Think about it. We lack many things in Nigeria; infrastructures, essential utilities and amenities, job opportunities, and even food. I can go on and on, but guess what? Nigerians are only protesting to live, yet they kill them for fighting for their right. Again I ask, make it make sense!

Nigeria is Bleeding! Her citizens are in pain; God heal our land!

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