My thoughts on Sowore being rearrested by DSS

I will not stop sharing my thoughts, opinions and concerns on the existing issues in Nigeria until there is a resolution. Well, only God knows when that will ever happen!

So one day after Omoyele Sowore, a United States-based Nigerian Journalist and human rights activist, was released on bail, he was forcefully rearrested, or should I say abducted by the Department of State Services (DSS).

Background story; he was arrested and detained for 125 days on charges of treason. The government claims the activist planned to overthrow the current administration after he called for a protest dubbed “Revolution Now.” However, he was released on bail on Nov. 12th with a massive bail amount of 100 million and two guarantors with the same amount. Can you imagine? Now, after the requirement was met, he was rearrested again today in a controversial circumstance by DSS, and this was confirmed by one of Nigerians most prominent lawyers, human rights activist and Sowore’s counsel, Femi Falana.

I have so many questions to ask. First, what is the reason for the arrest? Anyways, regardless of what their reason is, this was so wrong. This is pure injustice! What happened to human rights and his rights as a Nigerian citizen?
What has he done to deserve all of these? If I am not mistaking, Sowore only called for a revolution in Nigeria following the recent presidential election. If we are also honest, the election was nothing close and compared to what a free and fair election will and should look like.

On the other hand, even if he did do anything wrong, we have a constitution and law that guides Nigeria and how situations like this should be handled, especially his arrest by DSS. I am curious to know what they have to say about this. I will like to know what his offence is. I hope they come up with something outstanding because all I see is pure wickedness and injustice.

Something needs to be done to save Nigeria before things get out of hand. This is all I have to say for now. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion on this topic, and as always, I look forward to them.

9 thoughts on “My thoughts on Sowore being rearrested by DSS”

  1. Na wa ooo; to talk now na problem for our great country; God help us; if someone has been released on bail; what reason would dey have to arrest him again, maybe it’s time the US intervenes in this issue cause he is their citizen.

    1. Honestly, if this is the only way Sowore can be saved from the hands of the Nigerian government and all these injustices then let the US intervene
      I don’t know what this country is turning into. I really don’t know.

  2. I watched the video and I was praying to God that it should be some kind of joke. Like I said, this is slowly turning into a military regime. No matter what Sowore has done, he does not deserved to dragged, harassed and manhandled in the way the so-called DSS have done to him.
    Not only have his rights been infringed upon, but this government is mocking the meaning of “human rights” as a whole. It really is a SHAME.
    We apparently do not even have a constitution, because everyone is doing as they please and openly challenging the law and lawmakers.

    1. Nigeria needs help. The system is sick! It is contaminated with so much injustice, evil, hate, corruption, name it. We need a revolution.

  3. This is what happens when a country is led by a fossil-brained ex-military president. It’s just sad that there’s no human right in Nigeria, even if they say there is, we can see for ourselves

  4. All we need is change of the existing ‘CHANGE’. If I’m not mistaken, those officers were working on executive orders. I pray with the publicity this has gathered (its all over the news), immediate intervention should follow. Lovely article tho

  5. SSS. Nothing like DSS in our constitution. Please note. Sowore issue is a national issue that might consume us all if not corb. But do we have the courage to ask questions and come out en masse to protest? Nah. Cowardice in our blood.

    1. First, DSS is the Department of State Services. It is considered the primary domestic intelligence agency of Nigeria.

      Secondly, in response to your second point, don’t you think its a problem that people are scared to express how they feel in Nigeria? Don’t you think a lot is wrong with the country?
      We do have laws and a constitution that guide the country. Every citizen of Nigeria is granted the Right to dignity of human persons. Right to a fair hearing, Right to freedom of expression and the press. Right to freedom from discrimination. Restriction on and derogation from fundamental human rights, Right to dignity of human persons, and many more. Now, don’t you think Sowore’s rights are being infringed upon? Isn’t it wrong?

      On the other hand, if we protest, what difference will it make. What difference has it made in the past? Can we be realistic?

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