My thoughts on Nigerian actress Funke getting fined over house party

It’s Good Friday! How are we all doing? For a fact, the impact of COVID-19 has changed the serene of things in the world. Its effects on our society have also changed a lot about our lifestyles. Not to worry, this too shall pass.

Well back to today’s topic. Popular Nigeria actress Funke Akindele Bello and husband Abdul Rasheed Bello recently pleaded guilty to social distancing violation in Nigeria, after holding a party during the lockdown imposed to tackle coronavirus. It did stir a lot of concerns for Nigerians. Anyways, she was fined One Hundred Thousand Naira and 14 days of community service.

In my opinion, this was used to send a warning to Nigerians. The law is the law. We have to respect it. However, this got me thinking. Would justice have been served equally if this was one of our so-called honoraries or politicians?

Secondly, self-isolation and social distancing were enforced to help control and possibly prevent the spread of coronavirus. Still, the videos and pictures of the actress and her husband entering the courthouse showed otherwise.

These are the things that confuse me about Nigeria. I watched and saw as many videos and pictures of her entering the courthouse and guess what? People weren’t practicing social distancing! It was cluttered, people were touching each other, rubbing against one another, the whole place was chaotic. It made me wonder how exactly do you punish someone for doing the wrong thing when you aren’t setting an example for them to see, most notably in the courthouse. This country is a joke!

Well, this is my two cents on today’s topic. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion. I looking forward to reading them.

Stay safe and a Happy Easter!

One thought on “My thoughts on Nigerian actress Funke getting fined over house party”

  1. Well if she was partying with people she lives with, that shouldn’t be a problem. But if she invited people outside of her house then like u said the law is the law. And until we all respect that this Covid19 will finally end.

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