My opinions on interracial relationships

It’s been a while but I am back. So, most of my readers have requested I share my opinions and thoughts on the idea of interracial relationships and marriages.

First, what is considered interracial marriages or relationships? I would describe it to be marriages or relationships between people of different race and ethnic group. How would you define it?

Anyways, it is 2017 and I would like to believe that a lot of people should be more open to it. This is because in today’s world we tend to meet with people from different cultural backgrounds. Permit me to ask, are you open to it?

Within the past few years, I have noticed a rapid increase in interracial relationships, marriages, and friendships. Even the media has portrayed it acceptance, as a lot of movies like ‘Belle, Focus’ and so on now support the idea.

Interracial relationships are just like any other relationships, with couples join for mutual support, looking for ways of making their personal interactions grow in harmony. Nonetheless, like every other relationship, there will certainly be struggles and misunderstandings.

However, I was opportune to interview seven amazing individuals in regards to this context and three stressed on the fact that religion and culture might be a barrier to interracial relationships. While the other five expressed their fears of the prejudice that might come with it.

Yes, prejudice exists, however, I think it is more about people’s mindset. Relationships should be more about love, and not defined by the comments or what people have to say. Love teaches us to accept people for who they are, as well as everything about them. People will always have something to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Nevertheless, as a generation we are should be more accepting of diversity than ever, and I know that doesn’t mean the struggles of interracial relationships and marriages are gone. Why can’t we be more open-minded to embracing other people’s cultures and way of life?

On the other hand, let’s think about it, some interracial couples have actually made their relationship or marriage work amid all these struggles. How have they made their’s work? What do you think?

It is good to fall in love but should we shy away from interracial relationships because of its struggles? Share your thought and opinions.

2 thoughts on “My opinions on interracial relationships”

  1. There are always struggles but with good understanding,interracial relationships can last.
    We are all humans
    We just look different and believe what we want to believe.

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