My lessons and testimonies from 2021.

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Hey, how was your holiday? Mine was splendid. It felt good to get a little break after such a long year. Well, the holidays are all over. It’s time to chase the money. Work has been a bit intense for me since I got back, but I know I got this. Anyways, I will be sharing some of the lessons learnt and testimonies from 2021. 


Last year, i learned to stay committed to my goals and chase my dreams. I also learned to focus on myself, make time for myself and not overwhelm myself with work. I also learned to believe in myself more every day. I also learned to love “me” more. 

The year also taught me to cherish every moment I spend with family and my loved ones because we never know what tomorrow holds. 


I experience growth, joy and happiness in many aspects of my life. I have drawn closer to God, and everything feels better every day. I got connected to opportunities that have changed my life positively. I got to meet people that have been nothing but a blessing to my life. It was indeed a good year. 

I am very hopeful that 2022 will be a more incredible year. 

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