My journey through school

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So, I got a couple of emails and request from some of my lovely readers and friends who would like me to share my struggles through school. First, University was not easy for me, and honestly, there were times I felt I was losing my mind. For those of you who read my graduation blog post, you are aware that I studied Digital Journalism, Communications, Media and Films, which was a double major program. I also worked part-time during my school days and volunteered at jobs related to my field of study. Well, that was how I got into being a Radio host at CJAM 99.1 FM, a story for another day.

Combining school and work was the hardest part of it. I had to stay up at night to do assignments, and I didn’t have free time as much as I wished I had. I had to push all my energy into school and also making money on the side. You know bills don’t smile when they are due for payment.

There were days that the pressure felt worse, they were times that everything became so overwhelming, and in some cases, I broke down. The journey was indeed tough. On several occasion, I attempted to drop a major because of the workload. Thank God I never did, lol!

One thing for sure that I wanted through of this was to make myself, my parent and everyone who looks up to me proud. Every time I felt overwhelmed by work and school, I try to motivate myself, and one of the ways I was able to accomplish it was through positive affirmation and mapping the beauty of my future. It wasn’t easy, but I must say it was worth it. Giving up has, and will never be an option. Hence I believe my future is bright. This pushed me and still urges me to persevere and consistently pursue my goal.

I must say, my journey through school was a tough and memorable one, and every time I look back, I never stop saying thank you Lord. It was God all the way; He was the source of my strength. I hope you now have an idea of what school was like for me. Kindly, share your experience if you have any. I look forward to it. Please have yourself a fantastic day.

4 thoughts on “My journey through school”

  1. I feel I’m going to loose it to, but there are too many things to stay focused for and on. Congrats again.

    1. Thank you dear! Please, no matter how stressed you are, don’t give up. When you feel overwhelmed, try to take a break but always look at the bright picture ahead.

  2. I thank God you persevered and got what you wanted. Nothing good comes easy. I admire courage. Keep it up.

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