My concerns on hypocrisy, jealousy, hate and envy

We are living in a world filled with hypocrisy, lies, and so much bitterness. In fact, with the way the world works now, it is tough to trust anyone because the person you think you trust might be your biggest enemy. Jealousy, hate and envy have become the root of evil in our society today. The world is slowly falling apart with evil.

I am sure this is not a new topic to most of us, but today, I have decided to share my thoughts on it.

I believe we are all aware of the fact that our action shapes the world just as our thought shapes who we are and our values. However, it becomes a problem when our thoughts and actions shape us negatively. Jealousy and envy are making people do crazy things day by day, like bringing others down in different ways. Some have gone as far as taking the lives of innocent people because of hate and envy. This doesn’t make sense to me. Why can’t we support one another?

Why can’t we all celebrate with others in their successes and victories without being jealous of what the other has or has gained? Come to think of it; this is a growing issue in our society today. I have read tons and tons of stories online about how people do crazy things because of jealousy. Very sad!

From my little personal experience and from what I have read, this issue of jealousy, hate and envy are often from people we are closely related to like, friends, neighbours, colleagues, coursemates name it. This scares me because the people we are meant to trust are the ones bringing us down. What a world we live in! Why would another man’s progress affect or offend me? Why should it even affect anyone? Shouldn’t that inspire and motivate us? Think about it. Aren’t we meant to celebrate with others in love? Why is there so much hate, envy, hypocrisy in our society today?

A lot of you reading this can relate to today’s blog post through your own different experience in one way or the other. Every time, I think about it, read about it, or experience it, I question, “what is the gain? “Why can’t we be sincerely happy for others? Genuinely, I have so many questions to ask because this topic makes me very unhappy. Well, kindly share your thought, opinions, comments, and stories. I am looking forward to reading them all. Let’s talk about this growing issue in our society!

8 thoughts on “My concerns on hypocrisy, jealousy, hate and envy”

      1. I love dis.. And wish so many youths would get to read dis… Love ur neighbour b happy for dem no matter what… And c how fast we would grow. Jealousy,evny and hypocrisy would only make u stagnant but u would fail to realize because ur busy minding and monitoring another mans growth.

  1. After having a personal experience with someone smiling my face while hating me deep down, I ask myself these same questions every day. In the past good always won, but with the way things are going, the world is going to be swallowed by evil

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