My concerns about this “Institution” called marriage.

Hello, my fantastic reader, I trust that you are doing great! Well, I was sick during the weekend, but I feel well now. My week was also very productive. Anyway, today’s blog post might be a little different.

For a while, I have taken my time to read a couple testimonies about marriage on various other blogs. I have had a couple of discussions with people, and I believe this is not the first time I am sharing my concerns on marriage.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday evening I shared a quick question and thought on marriage on my WhatsApp status and for those of you that have my number you undoubtedly saw this post and most of you share your thoughts and opinions. First, I would like to emphasize the fact that I am not married and I have never been. Hence I have no experience.

However, I have had discussions with so many couples and most of my married friends, both male and females, and the truth is they all have a contrasting view of what marriage really is. A woman, wife and a mother I respect so much shared her view of marriage with me when she saw my post. She said, “marriage is fun, but just like life, it comes with both ups and down.” Honestly, this made so much sense to me. Life is not a bed of roses, and I don’t expect a relationship to be either.

However, on the other hand, I have heard people say marriage is ‘hard’ ‘tough,’endurance’ and ‘patience.” Now, these are the kind of words that makes me question a lot about marriage. I rarely hear people say marriage is ‘understanding.’ In fact, why and how is marriage tough and hard?

Just like any relationship, I believe communication and understanding should make things fall into place. Yet, this issue of endurance and patience in marriage is a pressing norm in the society, why? In fact, when are tolerance and patience a necessity? When do they become a problem?

Even more, I understand that compromise is an essential element of any marriage but is this to the detriment of another’s happiness?

I feel they’re so much to know before me, or any young girl decides to enroll in this lifelong institution called marriage. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions. Have a blessed weekend

2 thoughts on “My concerns about this “Institution” called marriage.”

  1. We tend to forget that marriage is just a word. If you have a great relarionship with someone and you marry them does that great relationship all of a sudden change? If you have a solid foundation before you institutionalise your union into marriage then that is going to follow you. If you do not, then yes the marriage will be hard, difficult and you will require a ton of endurance and patience and communication to grow into a fun, happy marriage. If your foundation is weak then your house will crumble.

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