My 2020 Experience…

It’s been a while, and I am so sorry I didn’t share a post last week. I was super exhausted with the whole moving process, as I shared two weeks ago. I hope you are doing well and staying sane. Thank God it’s finally December; it gives me a sense of relief from 2020. Like the same feeling you get when you say, “Thank God it’s Friday” because of the weekend.

2020 has been a dramatic year, accompanied by events that have affected our lives in one form or another. Some would say 2020 has been the worst year of their lives, while some would say this year was a blessing. Well, I had a combination of both.

Like everyone, I had plans for the year, sadly things started crumbling when I fell sick in March, and I was diagnosed with the Nova virus (a stomach virus). It was an excruciating state for me. Shortly after this experience, COVID-19 became even more severe, and I had to work from home. Then I went into depression. I didn’t particularly appreciate seeing that my plans for 2020 would lag because of COVID-19.

Even worse, working from home was tough for me in the initial stage, and my manager was a pain in my butt. The radio station, which happens to be my second job, decided to suspend all programmers from coming into the station to record because of the severity of COVID -19. Honestly, radio is my safe space, and not being able to record affected me a lot. It was intense. So, I decided to get myself busy, and I started house hunting. It wasn’t the best idea, as moving houses then was impossible, so that flopped. Later in April, I decided to furnish my home again since I couldn’t move out. I needed something to compensate for 2020 failed goals. Then I started Youtube, which I was super excited to do. It lasted a while, but sadly my state of mind couldn’t handle it. I mean, 2020 messed me up. I lost motivation; I lost my drive, lost focus; I became hopeless because things weren’t just right. They weren’t where I wanted them, and it was nobody’s fault; maybe I could blame it all on COVID. Realizing I was slowly losing myself, I noticed I needed a change of environment, so I packed my clothes and work stuff and went to a friend’s place in another city. During my stay, I realized I needed to stop beating myself so much about life and let God lead.

I applied for a new job during this time, and luckily for me, I got it. It is an upgrade from where I was, and it also required me to move, which felt good. At least, I was due for a change of environment. So, I got a new place in the new city and went back to pack my stuff, ready to move to my new beginning. Then the Endsars protest and Lekki massacre happened and broke me again. It made me question the future of Nigeria, and if there was hope for my country? Through this, I tried to put myself together again.

Honestly, this year indeed broke me and moulded me at the same time. So if this year was terrible for you, you weren’t alone. I am happy that at least things turned better at the end. I have finally moved, and I am super excited about my new beginning. This year put me through a lot but made me realize that God had more excellent plans for me amid the storm. He has replenished each experience with a blessing and a lesson for every failure I encountered, and I could only be grateful to him. By the way, I’m coming back on Youtube soon, and I am excited. I will work on being consistent, I promise.

Feel free to share your experience in 2020; I look forward to them, and have a splendid weekend!

10 thoughts on “My 2020 Experience…”

  1. This was a lovely write-up, thanks for sharing. I agree with you, 2020 has been a trying year but it made me a stronger person. Like you, I had to relocate and embrace new changes in my life. I bless God for the growth experienced this year and look forward to 2021.

  2. This year I was forced to move out of my comfort zone. I relocated, my family expanded, I began to move into new spaces that I was once too terrified to occupy. But if there’s one thing I have learned this year it’s that I can do hard things.
    I’ve learned to ask and think on the things I want, knowing that God can do exceeding abundantly all that I desire according to my faith and His will

  3. It’s been a crazy year indeed, but looking back, it has reshaped a lot in my life personally and also given me time to concentrate on what really matters. I’m glad you’re being positive about how the year ends, keep being positive Mandy. Cheers.

  4. This year has been good and bad but mostly good for me. I’ve grown in a lot of areas of my life and I’m really grateful for that.
    I believe God wanted to refine alot of us so he had to break us for that purpose.
    I’m really excited to see what 2021 holds for me❤️

  5. 2020 has been a lesson in faith and letting go and just letting God. It has stretched me to my emotional limits. But at the end of the day we just have to be grateful to still be among the living and look forward to another day. Only jah knows🙏

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